A special concrete mixer for Haiti

The rubble piles created by the 2010 Haiti earthquake tell a story of poorly produced concrete. The walls and the concrete slabs that crumbled and crushed thousands are the result of a failed mixing process. In the poorest nations of the world they use nothing more than a few shovels and a spot on the ground to create a cement mixer.

This backbreaking effort, combined with the use of a poor recipe literally causes Haitians to work themselves to death. We believe that this action must stop if Haiti is to rebuild back better and produce safer structures.

Concrete mixer with batching buckets

Developed by Cart-Away Mixer Designers

Cart-Away designers created a solution to replace the shovels on the ground. The objective was to find a technically simple machine that would fit within the culturally acceptable practice of moving concrete by buckets and wheelbarrows. The result of this year-long effort is the Concrete MD “The cure for the world’s poorest concrete”.

The first Concrete MD is now working in Haiti, with many more in transit or in production. Take some time to watch the first images of the Concrete MD in action. It is building 50 house foundations for Haiti Vision through a generous donation from International Relief Teams.

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  1. brucechr says:

    Thank you for your kind comments. We will keep you posted on the progress of this effort.

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