5 Steps to Starting a Concrete Mixer Ready Mix Company

Concrete and cement mixer retail salesMaybe you are in the construction field and have used ready mix in a concrete mixer trailer. Perhaps you’re a DYI-er that’s used a short load of concrete for a home project. Or, you might have a current business and have decided to add a new profit center. Whatever the reason, you are thinking about trailered concrete mixers as a way to turn a profit. For over twenty years Cart-Away has been helping people decide if selling concrete at retail is right for them, and in that course of time we’ve come up with five steps to help customers be successful.

Step #1: Market Research. You have to know your market if you expect to make money providing a product or service. One of the things you need to know is if there is any competition in the concrete mixer industry? If so, how much are they selling concrete for? Many potential operators think that the local ready mix plant will be their competition. Not only is that nearly always untrue, ready mix dispatchers are usually very willing to send business your way. However, knowing what they are selling mixed concrete for, what their minimums loads are and the short load fees they charge, will help you set your own pricing.

How about your local demographics? There are many success indicators in a thorough demographic study that will help you with your plans. There are many more points to the research which are covered in our Market Analysis on concrete mixing opportunities for your area.

Step#2: Community Requirements. This is an area that I spend a lot of time with for potential operators. For some concrete mixing equipment we may have to look into zoning requirements. Is a conditional use permit required? What are the property set-backs and height limits? Is an air quality permit needed? These are an important part of the long-term planning for the business and we help all the way through the process.

Step #3: Material Selection. While it’s true that the ingredients to concrete are just sand, gravel, cement and water, the type and quality of materials is important to making good concrete in a mixing trailer. Particularly with the aggregates, some attention must be given. I recall one customer who wanted to save money by ordering a less expensive sand. Well, he put out terrible concrete and the start to his business was slow and it tarnished his reputation. We looked at everything and when all was said and done there was only one item that had changed since he and I had talked materials: his sand. He bought a load of that sand and the customers noticed the change immediately. So, material selection for your concrete mixer business is an important step.

Step #4: Yard Set-Up. Nothing will slow your operation down more than an inefficient yard layout that will restrict the flow of the concrete trailers. Having spent many years on your side of the fence, I can help you avoid some costly mistakes.

Step #5. Sales and Marketing. This is actually an ongoing process and we will help get you started. There are many ways to let the community know about the new concrete supply service that you provide. We know what has worked, and what hasn’t, both from personal experience and from our customer’s trials and errors. Can you guess the least expensive advertising that will help your trailered concrete business take off? I’ll let you know here on the cement mixer blog of Cart-Away.

Stay tuned over the course of the next couple of weeks and I’ll explain each of these points in more detail and how we at Cart-Away will help you succeed. By the time it’s all done you’ll know why we don’t sell concrete mixing equipment, we sell concrete business opportunities.

See you all soon!







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14 Responses to 5 Steps to Starting a Concrete Mixer Ready Mix Company

  1. Adam Barton says:

    Hi my name is Adam i live in Noosa Australia i have just purchased 3 cartaway mixers . At the moment im planing my layout for my plant set . Im traveling to the usa on jan 7th im there for 3 weeks. Hopefully i can come see you and have you gide me in the way to go about this . Merry Christmas.

  2. Gary Mathebula says:


    I am looking to start up a readymix business, I’m in construction and currently supplying aggregate to the mines therefore looking for growth in this business. Kindly assist with this regard.

    • jay stein says:

      I am looking to start a ready mix company, I just dont have the right knowledge what it takes to open it, since I dont want to start very big. so my question is whats the min. I need to start, is it a whole plant or I could start without a plant?

  3. saurabh says:

    hi i m from India.a meachanical enginer. I m planni g to start my own RMC plant due to a huge scope at hee but the problem is i need a finanacer to support my business Idea. is u had some contact who can invest in India .

  4. CHRIS says:

    I live in florida and I am a general contractor, I am interested in starting a small ucart concrete business with a small batch plant, any advice on this? Thank you

  5. brucechr says:

    Hi Chris,
    I will have Scotty get with you from Cart-Away. He has successfully operated one of these small trailer-delivery business and can help you with the process.
    Your contracting experience and the good market in Florida should be a great combination.
    We look forward to working with you on this project.

  6. Jessica says:

    Hi Scotty,
    I’m from South Africa, I would like to start my own business from home, selling a bag of 2 in 1, cement and sand. Please assist me with more info as to if its a good idea.

  7. shreedhar says:

    i want how to marketing of ready nix concrete

  8. Jade Brunet says:

    We are looking to find a company that will use ready-mix concrete for our new driveway. Thanks for informing us that a reliable company will have a good selection of materials and know how to set up the yard for the process. We will look into this and also consider finding someone that is local and does the work for a reasonable price.

  9. Yadav Dhirendra says:

    With warm greeting
    Hy,I am Civil Engineer studied from Banglore India resident of Nepal.I want to establish my own RMC Plant.I need suggestion regarding budget required at Installation time and management factors…

  10. khaphi says:

    hi my name is khaphi,i reside in richerds bay South Africa.i am 27,i studied mechanical and electrical engineering in college, i have got no experience in business but i want to start ready mix concrete business,i have got some ideas in concrete design,please help

  11. SHAIK says:

    Hi , tiz s SHAIK from Tamil NADU ,India , I completed diploma in civil engineering , I am trying to start Rmc business with low cost plz guide me

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