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Cement mixers for remote mixing and special applications

Our customers ask us to solve unique cement mixing problems and we produce the cement mixer to meet their needs.  When you need a mixer that can be dropped into a war-zone or to rebuild a third-world nation, you can count on Cart-Away to provide the solution.

cement mixer for remote mixing

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The Concrete C.U.B.E. has help build FEMA dams in the mountains and resorts in the Bahamas. The CUBE has blended custom concrete mixes in the bottom of mines and tumbled steel components for recycled metal working. It is used by precast concrete companies and cabin builders to mix 1.5 yards at a time.


Following the earthquake in 2010, there was a cry for help with solving the poor quality of concrete in Haiti.  Cart-Away cement mixer designers were asked to develop a replacement for mixing cement on the ground using shovels.  The ground-mixed concrete was one of the major reasons that so many buildings crumbled down on the people during the quake.

batch-fed cement mixer

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The Concrete MD is the prescription for poor concrete in poverty plagued countries like Haiti. The Concrete MD uses measured batch-buckets to help workers to produce the correct recipe of concrete every time. The MD is an auger-style mixer that can mix both a concrete mix for foundations and mortar mix for doing masonry. This all-in-one cement mixer reduces the investment for cash-strapped charities working to rebuild a devastated country.

Cart-Away will help you to find the appropriate cement mixing solution for your most demanding projects.  Give one of our mixer experts a call at: 800-909-9809

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