Cement mixers on trailers

The world leader in cement mixer trailers

Cart-Away is the leader in cement mixers and concrete mixers that are mounted on trailers. These large capcity mixers can be towed to any job-site to save on time and high short-load delivery fees. There are thousands of Cart-Away concrete mixer trailers working around the U.S. and Canada everyday. For over 17-years we have helped hundreds of business owners to use these concrete mixing trailers to build profits for their company.

Cart-Away provides two sizes of cement mixers on trailers: 1-yard and the MixKing 1.75-yard mixer. For complete specifications and details on these two concrete mixing trailers, click on one of the images below. Then give one of our cement mixer experts a call at 800-909-9809

1.75 yard cement mixer on trailer1-yard cement mixer on trailer





The Cart-Away cement mixing trailers are supported by several different batching systems that are designed specifically for loading the raw materials into the mixing drums. Use the link below to get more information:

Concrete Batching Systems

4 Responses to Cement mixers on trailers

  1. Batchcrete says:

    Wow! nice article. Cement mixer combines cement, aggregate like sand, gravel and water. It can deliver consistent results and can be easy to use. Thanks for such an informative post.

  2. Mr Alex says:


    I am interested in buying aStandard 1 yard trailer. How much is it?
    And do you ship to Sweden?



  3. Heather says:

    How did u actually get the suggestions to create ““Cement
    mixers on trailers | Cement Mixer Blog”? Many thanks ,Freda

  4. Fran says:

    Wow. Putting an independent mixing barrel on a trailer is brilliant. I am wondering how the D.O.T. would classify the rig?

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