The Cement Story

What is cement and why trust it?

Our dependency on trustworthy concrete

Cement is a fine, gray powder which sets after a few hours when mixed with water, and
then hardens in a few days into a solid, strong material. Virtually all the cement produced
globally is mixed with sand, aggregates and water, and used to make concrete and

Concrete 6000 lbs per person

6000 lbs per person

Concrete is second only to water as the most consumed substance on earth, with nearly three tons used annually for each person on the planet. Cement is the critical ingredient in
concrete, locking together the sand and gravel constituents in an inert matrix. It is therefore a critical part of meeting society’s needs for housing and basic infrastructure such as bridges, roads, water treatment facilities, schools and hospitals.


If concrete is poorly created the results can be catastrophic and deadly. Cart-Away understands the importance of producing quality concrete that can be trusted for decades.  Therefore, we build mixing equipment that can mix good quality concrete and manufacture with the most advanced technology possible. This is also why we support the work of organizations like the Cement Sustainability Initiative, and CementTrust, a group of manufacturers who like Cart-Away are helping the poorest nations of the world have access to better technology for concrete production.

Cement is one of the most important substances in modern society and we at Cart-Away are proud to be a trusted partner in turning cement power into concrete…


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